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Diseases Caused by Birds

Indolite Devices Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and “CE” certified company and perhaps has world's largest range of professional bird, monkey and wild life control products.

Indolite team has developed an extensive range of bird deterrents to solve bird droppings problems in commercial, industrial and residential properties. BirdScare™ and MonkeyScare™  products are manufactured in India. Our team of consultants can help you choose the right product and give installation advice, suitable for your property.

Our exclusive authority over multiple patents gives us a cutting edge over competitors. Our products are well established and enjoy great customer reputation.

We also have a network of trained Installers who can install products for you. These well trained installers take all safety measures while installations and are covered under adequate insurance.

Besides MonkeyScare™ and BirdScare™ range, we make products to keep safety from wild life and crawlers like snakes, centipedes etc. in your farm houses, beaches, eco-camps etc. These products help in co-habitation of humans with wild life without hurting or harming them.

Indolite has in-house research & development team besides designing and manufacturing facilities. This reinforces our resource capabilities.

Developed as a simple, humane, permanent solution to the problem of pest birds, this bird deterrent product is designed to prevent birds from landing, roosting and nesting in inappropriate places and has been widely used worldwide in industrial, commercial, public and domestic situations.

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