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MonkeyScare™ is the sure way to barricade our premises and block entry of monkeys inside our property. It is also a perfect Anti Climbing Device.

monkey scareBarbed wire and glass have failed to deter monkeys, whereas MonkeyScare™ is a reliable and dependable product which, when fixed on the boundary walls, acts as a barricade and immediately stops the entry of monkeys, thieves, snakes etc from that moment. By fixing the same around pole/ tree etc. monkeys can be stopped from climbing.


bird spikesMonkeys can’t fly. So to enter your premises, monkeys firstly step on the boundary wall and then jump inside. Sharp spikes on MonkeyScare™ prevent monkeys from stepping on it, thus block entry.

monkeyscareOverhead water tanks are most prone to monkey attacks. Monkeys break plastic water tanks, pull out pipes resulting in major plumbing expenditure.

MonkeyScare™ is the latest invention to curb the menace of monkeys. Though it is polished way of the age old technique, but the innovated design has made it the most economical, efficient, effective and humane product to tackle the simians. Installation too is very easy.

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