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Pigeon in Window Ledge

BirdScare Model No-BS-5N-V1

BirdScare Model BS-5N-V1 is most suitable for keeping pigeons away from surfaces with curved geometry.

It is designed considering that even after bending, gap, between spikes does not become too large to allow entry of pigeons. Can be bent up to 50 degree curve. Break away cuts are provided on base to cut extra length of spikes.

It is made using the material used for making bullet proof glass, which is heat and ice resistant and is UV stabilized.

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Proven to be effective against pigeons

Does not harm birds. Specially designed tip just pricks - does not pierce.

Weather proof. Can withstand extreme temperatures -20 degrees centigrade to + 100 degree centigrade

Easy to install Comes with installation guide

Guarantee: 5 years shelf life

Each strip consists of 20 specially designed tips

Made from Virgin UV stabilized poly-carbonate engineering polymer - same material is used to make bullet proof glass

HELPS MAINTAINING HEALTH & HYGIENE: Pigeon poop is proven to transmit over 60 diseases, few of which are fatal

COST SAVING: Due to bird droppings, cleaning cycle has to be repeated at short interval and thus the cost of maintenance and housekeeping increases


To see installation video, please click here.


Make chain by joining multiple pieces of BirdScare Model BS-5N-V1 together, by using screws and nut (Size M3*6mm). Screws and nuts to be provided with material on request (FOC)

Place it on the surface where perching of pigeons is to be stopped

Note: Around 10 mm of BirdScare should protrude our of edge of surface where spikes are being fixed.

Clean surface before fixing bird spikes.  Pigeon spikes can be fixed by using double sided tape or silicon adhesive. In case surface is sandy, or paint on surface is peeling off, adhesive will not work.

In such case, use screws or nails for fixing.

For locations, difficult to access we have specialized installation team. Contact us for installation at +91 8506070808

For information on material safety datasheet, please click here MSDS

Model Suggested for similar problems - BS-5N-V1

To see installation video, please click here.

Indolite BirdScare BS-5N-V1 is completely made of Polycarbonate

Max Height of Spikes :   115 mm

Number of rows:  5 rows - with protection from all 4 sides.

Coverage on top :   175 mm

Base Width:   75 mm

Length: 335 mm (It has chain making option- can be extended to any length)

Colour:  Transparent

Stabilized against Ultra Violet Radiations.

  • For 360 Degree View of BirdScare Model BS-5-V1

  • Window Sill Installation Video


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