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Monkey Menace on Solar Panels, Solar Geyser

MonkeyScare Model MS-3N-V1

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MoneyScare is fixed on the outer frame of solar panels or on top of solar geysers. This prevents monkeys from jumping on same.

On Solar Panels, for smaller installation, we recommend to cover all 4 sides of the panels, but in case of large installation, say 10 or more panels in a row, only top and bottom rows shall suffice.

1. Why at top… Because monkeys tend to sit on the top of panel and slide down in playful mood. By fixing MonkeyScare at the top, we block their sitting space and hence keep them away.

2. Why to fix at the bottom… While playing on solar panels as a slide, in sliding down, slowing down on glass is difficult. On landing down, spikes of MonkeyScare prick hence, deter monkeys away.


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