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Bat in Property

BatScare BS-67N-V1

Bats generally roost in buildings and trees. Bat dropping or excreta, usually called Guano starts to accumulate near their roosting sites. This guano is highly toxic and carries germs. One need not touch or come in contact with guano to be sick.....airborne germs from this guano can make you sick by just being around same.

Bat guano creates an odour that is unbearable. This musty or moldy odour and as the temperature rises, the odour level rises. Smell of guano directly relates to airborne germs.

Presence of this smell, indicates presence of bats roosting in the area. Bat urine contains salts which eat away insulation – cause damage to wood and structure.

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Bat bite may lead to rabies. Rabies is normally fatal and chances of surviving rabies is extremely low if not treated within a certain period of time. Never attempt to pick up a dead bat bare handed as this is how many people get bitten. Children are particularly vulnerable to a bite as they innocently pick up dead bats and unfortunately the bats are not dead and bite the victim.

Indolite offers bat control in all kind of residential & commercial properties, besides trees etc.  Bat control services are performed using effective electronic devices powered by battery or AC.
Physical barrier like BAT NET is also very effective and economical way to eradicate bat colony.
Bat control services are normally performed during times when young bats are not present or are able to fly. Bat pups are usually

Bat removal is a methodical modus operandi  followed under  precise guidelines. Sidelining proper process will result in failures in bat removal program. 
Bats must be evicted in the first step followed by sealing their roosting spots. Bat guano also called bat feces or bat droppings are a sure sign that you have bat problems. Do not install a bat trap or bat kill. An ethical bat control technique is to barricade bat infested area by installing specially developed BatScare. 
This is fixed where bats roost. It's spear type design blocks the roosting spots, thus forces bats to leave the property.

A bat in a home or near human habitation is a potentially deadly situation if the occupant is bitten.  Bat control and proofing is the process to remove bats and proofing is the process of keeping them out. 
It is observed that Bat repellent s do not work. Hanging owls dummies also is of no use.  
Our ultimate goal is Bat elimination  from unwanted site. It never means killing or poisoning of bats. Killing bats is illegal and unethical. We have to remove bats to solve problem. 
Latest technology and state of art systems used by Indolite is safe and humane way to eradicate bat problem.


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