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Bird Flight Diverter

IndoDivert™ Model BD-05


For safety reasons, high powered power transmission lines are placed very high; however, for avian species, these overhead conductors are a potentially fatal obstacle. Under low visibility conditions, birds sometimes fly into power lines.

Birds collide with overhead structures and conductors, damage insulators and equipment leading to customer interruptions. 

On the other side, birds don't always get friendly treatment from power distributors either. They are electrocuted, maimed and not so gently encouraged to stay off certain areas of our T&D system. We need to explore ways to cohabitate with birds so that the impact of their flight, perching and nesting habits leads to minimal power disturbances. 

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Birds sometimes may not notice  presence of  electrical conductors in their flight path.

This leads to accidents, which may be fatal.

IndoDivert™ is designed to dangle, sway and rotate and unveil presence of conductors.

Around Windmill farms, a multi level steel rope periphery is created up to height of windmill fan blades and IndoDivert™ is fixed on these ropes to avoid collusion.

IndoDivert™ is installed directly in flight path 3.0 meters apart on levels of power lines or cell tower guy wires. This attracts avian vision, thereby reduces collision. 

Easy mounting makes IndoDivert™  user friendly. To hang from conductor, spring loaded clamp is kept in open position.

IndoDivert comes with a string fixed in it's beak. In open position, string gets exposed.

While mounting on transmission line, string is pushed down towards conductor, which activates springs loaded snap clamp and clamp grips the conductor firmly.

Flexible stainless suspension system is used to hang dangler from bracket. This helps in easy movement of dangler even during low wind conditions.

Large birds cannot manoeuvre their flight path easily.

IndoDivert™ is very effective in giving well timed alarm to birds about presence of obstruction in their flight path hence giving the bird more opportunity to change direction helping in save bird’s life and the power line.

This helps not only large birds likes Swans, eagles but also to aircrafts to veer upwards in flight. 

Birds can see in multiple light ranges – visible /ultra-violet. IndoDivert™ is designed to use peak vision ranges of light visible to birds (360nm/560nm wavelengths). A bird’s vision utilizes both light and motion – both components of IndoDivert™. The angle of light refraction, static or active wind conditions alert approaching birds to divert their flight patterns.

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