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Split AC Kit

Model - Beta

Bird Dropping Free Air Conditioner = Healthy Air = Healthy Family

Air blowing from AC with pigeon droppings around, contaminates the air we breathe leading to over 60 dangerous diseases

Bird nests block airflow of the air conditioner thus put more load on their motors leading to increased electricity consumption and break down in several cases

High ammonia content in pigeon droppings corrodes AC body

From the vents on the top of AC, Pigeon Droppings fall on copper pipes inside AC. Copper is a soft metal and pigeon dropping is highly toxic. Copper pipes weaken which leads to gas leakage

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Noise due to fluttering of birds causes disturbance to home environment, especially while rest hours

Pigeon nests & dropping spoil decor of property and spread foul smell in the premises

Now air conditioners come with ventilation ducts on top. Droppings now fall directly on compressor leading to major faults

No one wants to even by chance cause hurt/ injury to any bird, especially baby birds, so the best solution is to keep the birds away from the AC units and hence make them unable to roost on top

It is just like wearing helmet.

Indolite BirdScare AC kit comes with two sets of belts and hooks.

Just place the kit on top of AC and clamp it on with AC using belts provided with the kit.

To see installation video, please click here

For information on material safety datasheet, please click here MSDS

Model Beta - Do it yourself type kit

To see installation video, please click here

Indolite BirdScare AC Kit is completely made of Polycarbonate

Easy to assemble and install

Size:   350 mm X 650 mm

Designed for protection from all 4 sides

Height of Spikes 120 mm

Colour:  Transparent

Stabilized against Ultra Violet Radiations

Can withstand extreme weather conditions

  • Split AC Kit

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